Students and parents are advised to go through the rules and regulations carefully.

  1. Students who fail to sit for the exam, due to sickness must apply for medical certificates and report to the Principal, one week before the declaration of result.
  2. Results will be not be declared for those who do not clear the necessary fees or dues up to date.
  3. The below mentioned subjects will be considered as major subjects:

i) Mathematics ii) Science iii) English iv) English II v) Social Science

4. Students who fail in four major subjects, but secure 25 marks (For classes 5 to 7) and 30 marks (For classes 4 and below)

REGULAR PASS: Passed in all the subjects

SIMPLE PASS: Failed in one subject

GRACE PASS: Passed under special consideration (Given by the board on special ground)

For Classes 4 and below

Full Mark: 1000

Pass Mark: 40

For Classes 5 to 7

Full Mark: 70

Pass Mark: 28