Greenwood School is massively proud and delighted with the Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate exam results of Vateü Venuh. She scored 93 marks out of 100 marks in English followed by Education with 90 marks. ‘Great things come from perseverance and hard work,’ she explained.

‘The Greenwood family is really happy with her remarkable results. She has made the school proud and has set the bar high wherein, her juniors can emulate her,’ said the Principal.

On being asked what the inspiration behind her success was, Vateü said, ‘My success today is a blessing from God and a blessing of my teachers and of course the determination to strive for the best.

‘I thank God, first and foremost for everything that He had done for me throughout my journey in Greenwood School. His endless blessings upon me have fetched me things that I thought I never was capable of. And today, as I’ve reaped what I have sown, I’m very happy with my harvest. But, I wouldn’t have achieved this if it was not for the tireless efforts and hard work of the teachers.’

Vateü also thanked her parents for their unconditional love and support and always believing in her. ‘I am so thankful to my parents for their endless support, prayers and encouragements throughout my journey. The prayers of my parents have shown and proven me that God answers and will answer in His right time and in His right way and that He has a purpose for everyone.’

She has been a consistent student, passing her exams with flying colours which prove that she is an achiever with a bright future.

Not short of thankfulness, she also thanked the teachers saying, ‘I am so grateful to my teachers. They have enriched my knowledge; provided quality education and showered me with the much-needed love, care and most importantly, they have supplied me with the tools and equipment that I’ll be needing as I venture into a new world again.’

Her success personifies the results of hard work, sacrifice and striving for the best and never giving up. During the academic year 2019-2020, she was not absent even for a single day which shows the level of seriousness and the zeal to learn. ‘I love being in the class and listening to the lectures of my teachers. It makes my lessons so easy when I study at home.’ Success comes only when with huge sacrifice.

She also encouraged her juniors to be consistent in their studies and not to give up. ‘Life is a race; one tumble will not define your success. You have to keep on running and not give up no matter how difficult your run is, you have to be consistent and work hard as in the end you will be awarded either with success or failure. Be on the track, know your purpose and believe in yourself that you are capable of the many great things that you are not aware of. But always remember that God helps those who help themselves and that He has a purpose for you. He will do amazing things for you if you believe so.’

The Greenwood Family wishes her a great and successful life in the future.